It really is a small world!

Grocery Store

I was flipping through one of my dollhouse books looking for a fairly easy grocery store to build, when I came across a very charming one.  I built the basic box slightly differently (somehow I get stuck on symmetry!)

I’ve been working with some of my miniatures friends for the last few months making fruits, veggies and other polymer clay goodies.  This shop would give me a good opportunity to display my stuff!

The doorway is inset and there are side windows.  You can see the windows (I make them to fit) on my workbench:

Since the store does not open, I decided to cut extra windows for more access to the inside.  The roof will also have a panel of glass in the center to look down.  A lot of the brick work has been done.  Still lots of bricks to cut and finish the window openings.

I added some wood to make the base larger.  On the right side will be the alley beside the store.  The brick grout is done and trim added to the front windows which will get a cement-type finish.  There will also be quoins on the corners.

I used real oak strips for the flooring and stained it a dark mahogany.  Lots of sanding and finish work to be done inside!

The top has glass so you can see in.  It will have pegs to hold it in place.

The window frames have been stained a dark mahogany and wood added to the top for the detail molding.