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Teenie Tile

My current stock of Teenie Tile has been reduced for clearance and to make room for some new patterns and a different manufacturing process.  Since the dye lots and texture will not match the previous stock, prices have been slashed to $3 per package (50% of the original.)  Shipping is $1.50 for up to 6 packages and $.50 for each additional package.

The tiles are screen printed and professionally die cut so you can snap them apart by the row or by the individual tile.  Ink is silvent based so they are waterproof.  There is a fine white border all around making it unnecessary to use grout.  Each tile is 1/2″ square (equivalent to a 6x 6 tile in life size) and is only 1/16″ thick.  Just arrange your layout and glue in place with a good quality white glue or even double stick tape.

Let your imagination take hold!  Use them for the kitchen backsplash, bathroom tub/shower walls, table tops, fireplace surrounds, etc.  Scroll down to see some of the possible applications.

Each bag contains 2 cards of 25 tiles, so 50 in each package.