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Stainless Appliances

Eliza’s Bakery is getting an update in 2015.  One of the things I’ve wanted to do for a long time is make the upstairs a real bakery kitchen,.  And to do that, well, we need appliances made to look like stainless steel.  There is a two companies in England that make them, but they are pricey and not in my budget.  So I had to come up with an alternative.  There are paints (both brush on and spray paint) that mimic the stainless look and I’ve been experimenting with a few to get the best result.  I stumbled on one accidentally — the Deco Paint Marker by Marvy which is silver, but when applied to wood, looks very convincing.  But to get the best result, the wood surfaces need to be sanded absolutely smooth and then coated with Gesso.  I’ll have some pictures soon, but to begin with, I bashed some ready-made kitchen cabinets.  Here’s a diagram of what I did:


I used two pre-made cabinets … on happened to already be a stove, but any two would work.  The stovetop and backsplash were cut off and the drawer and oven door removed, leaving just a hollow cabinet.  One one, I also cut off the toe kick so that it could be stacked on top.  Then I made new doors out of scrap wood and real glass.  Very thin glass is hard to find, but if you look in the dollar stores or thrift shops, the old picture frames for certificates, etc. have glass that is quite thin and suitable.  My oven cabinet is not going to open, so after painting the inside with silver, I glued the doors on.  Then on to the bin with miscellaneous finding … a couple of discs painted red with a black center worked well for the control knobs.  Small wooden blocks also painted silver are the new oven legs.

I’ll have some real pictures soon.