It really is a small world!

My Work

Below are just a few of the special items I have made for various houses.

Front of Georgian House: Base coat of the wood is dark grey.  The stone veneer was made from a mixture of wood filler, sand and stucco powder (to the consistency of peanut butter).  Then I laid a stencil and smoothed the mixture on.  When it was just beginning to set (about 10 minutes) I was able to remove and re-position the stencil for the next section.  When finished, I dabbed acrylic paint in shades of grey and white to make the bricks more aged.

Staircase:  I cut apart and re-positioned a standard set of stairs so that the bottom three steps could be turned toward the hallway.

Planked floors of solid wood.  I make each one on a thin cardboard template so that I can sand/lacquer the floor and install it after the wallpaper has been hung and painting is finished.

Custom sink & work table made of solid cherry.

Metal spiral stairs: Also made from a kit that I purchased years ago online and found in my stash!  Each step, when rotated to the proper position, kind of locks into the one below, but I added a dab of E6000 glue to hold it.  The balusters will probably be made from aluminum tubing and the handrail … hmmm … soldering wire comes to mind since it’s metal and pretty pliable.  I also have some aluminum wire salvaged from the electrician’s pile during our real life kitchen remodel.  That might be another possibility.

Tall bookcases for the bakery were also made from mahogany wood and stained a dark finish.

I searched diligently for that “Welsh” dresser so common in Georgian homes, but to no avail.  I built this one from cherry wood using a pattern in my dollhouse books.  All the dishes are handmade!

Kitchen fireplace/hearth.  The finished stove ( made from a Phoenix white metal kit) is painted black with gold accents.  A brass drying rack is installed above the stove.   There is a colorful delft tile treatment on the back and side walls of the hearth.

I took a class on making “swags & tails” given by Judee Williamson & Nicole Walton Marble.  This is the window treatment I made at that workshop.  Not too bad for a first attempt!