It really is a small world!

Miss Melody’s House

I came across this picture of a townhouse (left) and decided to try to build something similar.  After receiving several e-mails from fellow online miniaturists and surfing the internet a bit, I realized that this house is almost identical to the famous Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia (right)!


Here is mine!  It is the home of “Miss Melody” who gives music lessons!  Pictures below show construction of the house all the way to completion.

The exterior is speckled brick, white window trim and shutters, dark black shingles and a mahogany door.  I used sheets of real brick which come attached to a fine netting.  They were sprayed with a speckled stone paint and sealed with clear acrylic.  The sheet brick sure makes the job go faster, but a lot of individual bricks had to be cut for use around the windows, door and chimney.   The best tool for cutting individual bricks is a cutting pliers.  They snap the brick off cleanly every time.  I also did a stucco treatment on the dormer window and used birch shingles that were painted and distressed to look like a slate roof.

On display at the “Enchanted Village Show November 2006 with the back open.