It really is a small world!

Georgian Treasure

As an avid estate sale hunter… when I spied this dollhouse,  I knew I had struck gold!  It is one of the most awesome houses and it was filled with a basket of furniture.  It came home with me in a flash!

On closer inspection, and with a chisel in hand!, I realized that all the windows and doors were not glued in, but snap together, so I was able to remove them.  They will be spray painted dark grey and the exterior will have a stone treatment on the bottom half and stucco above.  Traditional quoins will be on the corners.   The only demolition I’ve done is to remove the staircase which will be replaced in the same location with a more open styled with pretty balusters.  All of the floors will be wood planked except for the kitchen which, in English houses, is traditionally tile.

I don’t know who the manufacturer is but it looks very much like the Avondale sold by the Dollhouse Emporium.  I will be adding dormer windows the the roof and it will be an artist studio.

After doing some internet searching about the house, I found one on eBay that is very similar.  It has a basement and I think I can build one so that the house eventually looks like this: