It really is a small world!

Eliza’s Bakery

For My Daughter, Eliza — A Professional Chef.

I’ve always wanted to do a miniature bakery & sweets shop … probably because I’ve been making and collecting breads, cakes and desserts for such a long time!  My aim was to build a smaller front-opening building with a shop on the first floor and bread-baking kitchen above.

So … I got out my photo file (many of the pictures are real life buildings and some are miniature designs) and tried to decide what style I wanted.  That was the hard part — there’s so much to choose from.  Since I love to build things from scratch and have been doing this for so long, I’m not content to buy windows that you’d see on everyone else’s house.  And to get that custom look, you have to build it yourself.  I did get some really nice architectural moldings to use around the windows and some quick instructions on how to make your own window mullions, but everything else is just wingin’ it!  I painted the surface with a beige acrylic paint and then mixed in an additive and some sand to make the paint textured.  The stones were carved using  a long steel ruler and my rotary tool fitted with a small drill bit.

The stones were sponge painted with several colors of brown and taupe and the bottom has been painted black.  Shutters and top window cornices add to the elegant touch.

There’s a brick oven I built for baking the bread.  Matching wood shelving units for the back of the store.