It really is a small world!

Divine Consign

A good miniaturist friend and I like to do some “horse-trading.”  I had a store kit I was never going to build and she had this great little house that had been constructed for her by our local dollhouse shop.  It was the perfect size for me since my space is getting limited and I like to stay in 1″ scale.  And what better way to use up the furniture and accessories that won’t work for other projects by making a “consignment” shop.


But this project needs a lot to make it mine. First those ugly cedar shingles had to go! I’m not a fan of cedar shakes anytime — there are very few houses that would make them architecturally appropriate. They had been glued on with Quick Grab so after popping off all that I could, the heat gun was used to melt the remaining adhesive.  Next it needed to be repainted.  I removed all the corner moldings and painted a dark charcoal gray.  I cut another double window opening on the side and enlarged the one in front.  A small window above the porch roof (which will be copper) was made as well.  Here it is with the new asphalt shingle roof, new windows and a new front door.

I’ve increased the slope of the roof and the sides will get the matching clapboard siding.

Using my graphic imaging software, I did a virtual layout of how the roof over the porch will look. Copper is really difficult to use and get a good looking final product — it tends to get dimples and wrinkles no matter how carefully it is handled and adhered.  So, I glued purchased strips styrene onto a base of the same material (products available at most hobby/train stores or online) 1″ intervals and will spray with copper paint.  After the copper color dries, I’ll weather with different green and blue latex paints; then seal with a water-based lacquer.

I’ve completed the brickwork on the porch, steps and foundation (real kiln-dried bricks!)  including mortar.  The bricks will be distressed with various shades of paint.

The floors were made from strips of mahogany wood that I cut on my mini table saw and laid out like real random plank floors.  I stained them just a bit darker and will wax to a high shine.

On to the electric.  This shop will be hard wired.  A few of the ceiling fixture wires are in and several floor outlets.  I’ve given up on the tape wire system which has caused too many problems — over time the connections loosen.  My last two houses have to be re-wired soon.

And my pride and joy:  The mahogany circular staircase that I custom built from mahogany strip wood — and using every clamp in my possession!  Still a few more steps to be added, but it’s like working with a deck of playing cards — can’t add more than one at a time without letting the glue drying completely or the whole thing will topple.  After it’s fully built, it will be finely sanded, spindles straightened, re-staining and fabricating a handrail.

The hole has been cut in the upper floor and the staircase is temporarily in place.