It really is a small world!

Clock Shop


Here’s the clockmaker!  I poured him in porcelain from a mold, fired him at a friend’s doll studio and painted his face and boots.  As you can see below, I applied viscose  hair and a beard, so next time I’ll omit painting the beard!  He’s partially assembled with a chenille stem armature, and a cotton/gauze body.  The separate head/shoulder plate design of this mold will enable me to pose him bent over the worktable, but putting it together was more of a challenge.

I covered his body with strips from blue cotton shop towels.  This is only the second doll I’ve attempted to wig and, believe me, after reading all those tutorials, it’s much harder than it looks.  I tried some alternate types of hair but none stick as well as the viscose.  He’ll be dressed in a simple pair of black slacks and a white tunic shirt.  I have a great leather work apron that he’ll wear over his clothes.

Here’s the completed workshop.  It’s filled with all my favorite clocks as well as a beautiful worktable and cherry wood shelving.  And best of all … it won First Place in the “unusual containers” category.