It really is a small world!

About Me


Miniatures have always been my passion.  I remember peering into a NYC store window 30 years ago and gazing at the Christmas scene, complete with a rotating carousel and holiday shoppers dressed in their Sunday best.  I’m sure I stood at that window for hours taking it all in and feeling as if I were there.  It was a magical moment in time and I was hooked!

I’ve always been a craftsman and liked to “make” instead of “buy.”  So many things are easy to create with a little effort and the right tools/techniques.  With woodworking my favorite hobby, over the years I’ve accumulated lots of miniature tools and have built all of my own houses, room-boxes and a great deal of mini furniture.  My family always knows that a miniature tool or accessory would be so much more appreciated than another handbag (not that shoes and handbags aren’t important, of course!)

The Enchanted Village is an annual miniatures exhibit in town (part of the Southern Christmas Show) and I have put some of my work on display over the years.  In the next few weeks ‘ll be posting a gallery of exhibits from past shows. I hope you enjoy looking at my work and even try a project or two.  You just might get “hooked” too!